UJF's NextGen Raises Funds for Israeli Tractor

When UJF's NextGen recently brought people together to celebrate Israel's 76th birthday, it was the chance to share in the festivities and also help give back in Israel at the same time. 

Thank you to Micky and Tova Reich for hosting the third annual Yom Ha’atzmaut event and for speaking from the heart about the crucial role of unwavering support for Israel, urging attendees to stand strong in solidarity with the nation. As shared by the Jewish Federations of North America, agricultural terrorism committed by Hamas on October 7 ravaged farms which historically supplied 70% of Israel. Inspired to offer support to those local farmers in need, NextGen raised $3,280 in support with proceeds from the event dedicated toward the purchase of a tractor for a farm in the Western Negev. The initiative with ReGrow Israel aims to aid Israeli farmers directly impacted by the ongoing challenges of the war.

The tractor, a Massey Ferguson 4445 model, represents far more than a mere piece of machinery. It symbolizes resilience and hope for farmers in the Western Negev. With this tractor, they will be able to rebuild their livelihoods, restore irrigation systems, and continue their vital work of sustaining the land and feeding the nation.

“The tractor isn’t just about farming; it’s about supporting our brothers and sisters in Israel during their time of need,” Micky said.

The success of the fundraiser underscores the power of community and collective action in effecting positive change. As UJF continues its fundraising efforts throughout the year, the impact of solidarity will be felt far beyond the borders of Israel. The NextGen community remains steadfast in its mission to strengthen ties with Israel and support its citizens in times of adversity. For further information on getting involved with NextGen or to contribute to the tractor fund, reach out to Melanie Vorm at melanie@ujf.org.

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