A Preparatory Hebrew and Judaics Program


The natural and most common starting point for a Jewish Day School education is kindergarten. However, every year, families with post-early childhood aged children come to Carmel Academy who would like to pursue a Jewish day school education. These students, spanning both our Core and PALS special education programs, have been amongst the most appreciative students for receiving a Jewish day school education. One of the challenges these students face is entering Carmel Academy with a limited Jewish knowledge compared with their peers who had started in kindergarten. Supporting this program at Carmel Academy will provide the curriculum modifications and Hebrew/Judaics resources to support students who enter Carmel Academy later in their educational journey. Students will be able to engage in Hebrew, Chumash (bible), Tefillah (prayer) and Jewish law and thought, with a focus on textual skills such as translation, understanding and interpretation.


UJF is marketing and fundraising for this program and 12% has been added to program costs to partially cover these efforts. Please note, only UJF is fundraising for this program.


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