A Jewish Free Loan Society is part of many flourishing and established Jewish communities. Schoke Jewish Family Service (SJFS), is often approached by families with a variety of financial needs. There is no mechanism in place today in our community to provide loans for things such as life cycle celebrations including weddings, bar/bat mitzvah expenses, or expenses related to a new baby, including adoption. Loans may also be taken for camp fees, car repairs,  home repairs, uncovered health care costs, costs associated with the care of elderly parents or a disabled child, education, job training, or small business costs.


SJFS will create an interest free loan program for Jewish members of our community, over the age of 18, who can demonstrate credit worthiness and ability to repay. There will be two tiers of loans extended, up to $2,000 with one co-signer, and up to $6,000 with two co-signers. Borrowers will have a two- or three-year repayment schedule depending on the size of the loan. One third of the total will be loaned out each year, replenishing the fund on an ongoing basis in the third year.


UJF is marketing and fundraising for this program and 12% has been added to program costs to partially cover these efforts. Please note, only UJF is fundraising for this program.   


To make a donation to Jewish Free Loan Society or any other programs, use the drop down on the donation form below and choose your designation.  You may choose to donate where it is needed most or select as many programs as you wish.  If you have any questions, please contact Diane Sloyer at 203-321-1373 ext. 105



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