Over the years, Shoke Jewish Family Service (SJFS) have seen their clients needs increase as they aged or developed health issues. Friendly Visiting program seeks to provide companionship and socialization to these individuals. Friendly Visitors will make weekly home visits providing ongoing socialization opportunities, reducing social isolation and helping to keep the seniors active and engaged.


In addition, SJFS recently received a grant from Jewish Federation North America to provide programming for Russian Holocaust survivors in our community.  In preparing for the grant application, 90 individuals were identified, 20 of whom are homebound.  All are living at or close to the poverty line and are isolated.  SJFS has the opportunity to provide emergency funds to Holocaust Survivors in need with a match provided by Kavod Shef Initiative.    


To make a donation to Friendly Visiting and Emergency Funds or any other programs, use the drop down on the donation form below and choose your designation.  You may choose to donate where it is needed most or select as many programs as you wish.  If you have any questions, please contact Joanna Nevins at 203-321-1373 ext. 101