The curriculum at Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy includes emphasis on the fundamental Jewish value of performing acts of kindness (Chesed) for others and engaging in the mission of Tikkun Olam (Improving the World). BCHA would like to take the curriculum to a new level by dynamically expanding programming and activities that actively engage the students in providing work, services and performances and events within our larger Jewish and civic community on a regular basis. Critical to the success of this initiative, BCHA would like to acquire a Mini-Bus to readily transfer students to and from such comunal Chesed/Tikkun Olam activities.
The Community Chesed/Tikkun Olam program is designed to provide an opportunity for students to collaborate with all the Jewish Agencies and institutions in town to identify and participate in programs that benefit our community. The BCHA Community Collaborator, will identify programs that BCHA students can take the lead in, or assist with, to support the missions of the respective agencies.
In this way, our Students will (a) be actively engaged in the performance of Chesed/Tikkun Olam as they have been taught to value in our school's curriculum, (b) gain exposure to what all of the agencies and institutions bring to our Jewish community at large giving them a better understanding of the diversity of needs that  exist within our community and how they are being addressed by each respective organization and (c) be inspired to dedicate themselves to community service throughout their lives, either at a professional or lay level, thereby becoming responsible and effective Jewish leaders in their  own right.  BCHA seeks to bring students to all of the Jewish and certain civic agencies during the course of the School year for many programs that will be planned for all of our grades (Pre-K through 12). These programs will require us to transport students to other locations in our community for Chesed/Tikkun Olam projects.


UJF is marketing and fundraising for this program and 12% has been added to program costs to partially cover these efforts. Please note, only UJF is fundraising for this program.


To make a donation to BCHA Community Chesed or any other programs, use the drop down on the donation form below and choose your designation.  You may choose to donate where it is needed most or select as many programs as you wish.  If you have any questions, please contact Diane Sloyer at 203-321-1373 ext. 105



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