• The 2021 Annual Campaign is Powered By YOU

    Below, are opportunities where you can direct your 2021 campaign gifts; to programs that will strengthen our community as the funds are distributed throughout 2022.

    Building a Strong and Vibrant Jewish Community in Stamford, New Canaan, Darien and Around the Globe!

  • The Infrastructure of UJF

    Help keep the UJF engine running so we can continue to provide all the educational and local community-building activities that strengthen our community and enhance our connections to Israel and World Jewry.

    Help keep the UJF engine running so we can continue to provide all the educational and local community-building activities that strengthen our community and enhance our connections to Israel and World Jewry.

    Help keep the UJF engine running so we can continue to provide all the educational and local community-building activities that strengthen our community and enhance our connections to Israel and Wo...

    Help keep the UJF engine running so we can continue to provide all the educational and local community-building activities that...

    Help keep the UJF engine running so we can continue to provide all the educational and ...

    Help keep the UJF engine running so we can continue to pr...

    Help keep the UJF engine running...

    Help keep the UJF engi...

  • Israel

    Our collective Jewish communities helped fund the founding of the State of Israel. Today, through our partnerships with the Jewish Agency for Israel, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and World ORT, UJF continues to fund social services, education and opportunities for Israelis in need, including immigrants and those on the periphery.
    UJF’s partnership with Afula-Gilboa through the Southern New England Consortium, (SNEC), is supported by our Israel donations.

  • Global Jewry

    UJF’s global connections are strengthened by our contributions to the overseas Jewish Community. Wherever there is a Jew in need, UJF’s partners, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, the Jewish Agency for Israel and World ORT are there to provide a safety net. Especially in post-communist countries, our network is a catalyst for the rebirth, renewal and growth of Jewish life.

  • Communal Security

    The global and local Jewish communities face a growing threat of hatred and anti semitism. Money raised for communal security will go to the increasing cost of keeping our local Jewish community safe. We will continue to work with and benefit from the Secure Community Network (SCN), the official homeland security and safety initiative of the organized North American Jewish Community.

  • Jewish Community Relations Council

    The JCRC works in partnership with the non-Jewish world, on the local and state levels. It mobilizes the Jewish community, building relationships and engaging in non-partisan work focused on education, social justice, communal security, support for Israel and combating antisemitism.
    Funding goal: $82,000

  • Affinity Groups

    UJF events provide opportunities for Jewish community members who share the same profession or life stage to gather while learning about timely and relevant topics, often with the opportunity to earn professional credits. Groups include lawyers, doctors, business professionals and NextGen.
    Funding goal: $29,000

  • New Jewish Voice Newspaper

    The New Jewish Voice, published by UJF, is sent free of charge to over 5,000 households. Local Jewish communal organizations submit articles and photos, and receive thousands of dollars of free publicity annually.
    Funding goal: $62,100

  • Shalom/Welcome Program

    UJF’s Shalom/Welcome Program greets new Jewish residents to our community, providing them with information and opportunities to connect Jewishly. The Shalom Baby Program welcomes new babies with gifts and provides relevant information to their parents.
    Funding goal: $14,500

  • Life & Legacy

    LIFE & LEGACY  is a collaborative communal initiative helping individuals and families create legacy gifts for Jewish causes they care about, providing a permanent source of support for our community organizations and beyond. Federation administers this program in partnership with 10 local organizations. Participating organizations receive training and incentive grants from the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and UJF.
    Funding goal: $82,000

  • Yom HaShoah Commemoration

    brings the community together with impactful speakers and programs to remember entire communities and individuals lost in the Shoah.
    Funding goal: $12,000

  • Farm to Table

    Housed at the Stamford JCC, this program aims to build community through shared interests in farming and gardening. Individuals of all ages will learn about planning the garden, planting the seeds, caring for the various crops, and harvesting the produce. Harvests will be donated throughout the community.
    Funding goal: $73,000

  • Connect to Community

    Schoke Jewish Family Service will continue to implement a friendly visiting program geared toward providing companionship to elderly and homebound individuals.
    Funding goal: $24,650

  • Senior Services at Home

    Schoke Jewish Family Service will administer and facilitate programming to address an unmet need for mobile counseling, and will provide case management services for the physically impaired and home bound elderly.
    Funding goal: $16,800

  • Digital Kosher Food Pantry

    This Schoke JFS project will take their bricks and mortar pantry into the 21st century by implementing a digital pantry and inventory system, similar to “Peapod”. This digital shopping experience will be more efficient and will allow for greater dignity.
    Funding goal: $45,000

  • Holocaust Survivor Emergency Fund

    By partnering with Kavod Shef, all funds raised for this project will be matched to enable Schoke JFS to provide emergency assistance to Holocaust survivors in our area.
    Funding goal: $17,000

  • Bi-Cultural Community Chesed

    Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy will offer a curriculum that enables students in grades pre-K - 12 to volunteer on a regular basis in the local community and beyond. This grant will fund a coordinator, supplies and transportation costs.
    Funding goal: $56,000

  • PJ Library Programming

    UJF’s PJ Library and PJ Our Way provide children ages 6 months to 11 years old with free monthly Jewish books, as well as regular programming opportunities.
    These programs connect families with young children to the greater community.
    Funding goal: $38,000

  • Resource Specialist

    As its Upper School continues to grow, Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy will use the resource specialist to support the growing diverse educational and social needs of the student body. By expanding support services, BCHA can expand its reach and welcome additional students.
    Funding goal: $56,000

  • Teen Social Justice Club

    This program will engage 7th and 8th graders in social action/social justice activities and projects, culminating in a Civil Rights trip to enhance the learning they have experienced throughout the year. This program will be run by and housed at Temple Beth El and is open to the community.
    Funding goal: $11,200

  • Inclusion Fair

    Implemented by the Friendship Circle, this educational fair is run by teen volunteers. They will guide elementary-age children through booths where they will learn about different special needs, giving them tools and language to become ambassadors of inclusion.
    Funding goal: $6,000

  • One Happy Camper

    With a match from the Foundation for Jewish Camping, Federation will be able to offer $1,000 scholarships to first-time campers attending a Jewish summer camp that is part the Foundation network. The grants are available to non-day school families and first-time attendees.
    Funding goal: $18,000

  • Communal Scholarship Fund

    Our community, like others around the world, has seen a tremendous rise in scholarship needs due to the economic impact of the pandemic. Contributions to the Communal Scholarship Fund will provide funding to organizations in our local community so they can award scholarships to those in need for schools, camp and more.

  • UConn Hillel Shabbat on the Go

    UConn Hillel will offer themed Shabbat programming. Services and a Shabbat meal will be offered at the Stamford campus where students from the Storrs campus will join. Transportation will also be provided from the Stamford campus for students to join in services and a Friday night dinner at the Storrs Campus.
    Funding goal: $7,500

  • Intergenerational Choir

    The Kolenu Dor L’Dor Choir, housed at Congregation Agudath Sholom, will build an intergenerational community, using the power of music and Shabbat to connect Jews of all ages. The Choir, open to 4th graders through teens, will meet weekly. Seniors will practice at Atria. The goal of the choir will be to “harmonize” intergenerational voices.
    Funding goal: $10,000

  • Hello 21st Century

    This initiative will allow Temple Sinai to implement modern best practices in Jewish education. Four classrooms (grades 4 – 7) will be upgraded with new equipment. Great benefits will be enjoyed by the entire Temple Sinai community as well as those organizations that use the facilities .
    Funding goal: $9,000