30 2020

Battling different fronts - online panel discussion

8:00PM - 9:00PM  

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Gan Yeladim Early Childhood Center invites the entire community. Join Gan Parents (& the broader community) for our 3rd
 "Gan Connects''. A candid and insightful conversation via zoom.
Battling the Pandemic at home, at work, in the hospitals - stories, anecdotes & coping tools. Each panelists is battling a different front during the Pandemic; Sam Maryles is an MD working in the ER, Rachel Biller Redlich is a pediatric hospitalist, Talia Abadie-Siscovick is managing a real estate business and Farren Isaacs is a Scientist at Yale researching COVID 19.
In addition, they are all committed to their children & families.
Our Moderator is Shushannah Walshe a journalist & Mom
Please email morahleah@stamfordchabad.org with questions prior to Thursday night for any of the panelists!
zoom meeting ID 897 1427 8982
Password: Ganconnect