15 2021

JHSFC- A Forensic Approach to Holocaust Memory and Education

7:00PM - 8:00PM  

virtual meeting

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Jewish Historical Society of Fairfield County pesents "A Forensic Approach to Holocaust Memory and Education --
Unpacking primary source material to find, reconstruct and remember genocide victims."
Ryan Lilienthal engages his audience in a blueprint process to harness the vast array of increasingly available Holocaust-related archives to pieces together the lives and experiences of Holocaust victims. In our digital age primary source material - including video testimony, family letters and photographs, and institutional and government documents – are at our fingertips. Authors, like Daniel Mendelsohn in his book, The Lost: A Search for Six of Six Million, and Sarah Wildman in her book, Paper Love, demonstrate how documents can help recover the memory of
loved ones. This presentation shows how each one of us can deploy our critical analysis skills do the same through the example of a family murdered in the Holocaust and following the links to the history they left behind, such as this ... https://vimeo.com/545966367 .

Sponsor: Jewish Historical Society Fairfield County