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When we raise money for Israel, we work with our partners at JAFI.

JAFI is committed to rescuing Jews in distress or danger and helping them start new lives in Israel. It is supported by the Federation and all of the Keren Hayesod worldwide campaigns. Programs include:

l Activities in the Former Soviet Union Aliyah
l Cultural/Educational Projects
l Hunger Relief - Former Soviet Union
l Jewish Zionist Education
l Klita - Immigrant Absorption
l Public Housing - Amigour
l Rescue Efforts
l Youth Aliyah

OUR BLOG gives you a glimpse into the lives of those who live on the border of Gaza and deal with rocket attacks daily. Imagine knowing that at any moment your life could be shattered by two dreaded words: Code Red ...more


Motti Buganim, who has lived his entire life in Sderot, stands outside his house which was hit by a Kassam on 12/29/08. (Photo Credit: Jewish Agency for Israel)  


An elderly man is taken to the hospital by ambulance after a rocket attack in Sderot on January 5, 2009. (Photo Credit: Jewish Agency for Israel)